The sports ministry of          
Carolina Forest Community Church



About Us

Our greatest desire is that Jesus would be honored and glorified through all that we do and offer with this ministry. Sports and recreation offer us an incredible opportunity to reach out into the community around us and be ambassadors of the gospel. With this being the focus of our ministry, the experience becomes unique to what most families have ever experienced before in sports and recreation. We will provide a Christ-centered experience that emphasizes Christian character development along with traditional sportsmanship, teamwork, and overall fitness and skill development with each program offered.


Mission Statement

We exist to use the platform of sports and recreation to reach and grow people across the street and around the world in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ.


Core Values

Faith: We are a Christ-centered recreation program.  Our desire is to impact families for Jesus Christ.  We believe athletics provide a great opportunity for young people to be led by a Christian coach who will mentor and disciple them toward a deep and rich faith in Christ.

Family: We believe the entire family should benefit from the recreation opportunities in this ministry.  Therefore we plan each season and event with the family in mind.

First class service: Our desire is to do everything with excellence, providing an exceptional experience for every family involved.