The sports ministry of          
Carolina Forest Community Church



Code of Conduct

Please arrive early to pick-up your player from practices and games.  Remember we are not babysitters and your coaches volunteer their time, they have families and other commitments also.


  1. We won't know practice schedules or game schedules until after the teams are drafted.  Practice times are left up to the coaches discretion.
  2. Clinic day is part of the season.  It is a time when the players will run through some drills and coaches can do some evaluation to try to make the teams as even skill wise as possible. It is important if your age group has a clinic, for them to be at this day.
  3. Uniforms will arrive for the first day of games.
  4. Pictures are handled by an outside source.  They will delivered directly to you.
  5. To find your coaches information or teams roster, you sign on to your account   and you click the team name next to your childs name. (If you don't remember your password or never signed on to this account before; type in your email account and click forgot password.)
  6. Awards and clinic dates and times are send out via email and given out to coaches.  Please make sure to keep checking the website for all updated information.
  7. Bad weather procedures during game day:
          - lighting or bad rain you will first head to your car and wait
          - we have a flag system  
             YELLOW FLAG means we are in a "holding  pattern" - waiting for more details to
              make a decision.
             GREEN means head back to the field
             RED means games are cancelled
  8. NO PETS are allowed on our sports complex.
  9. What your player should have:
    teeball/jr coach pitch - glove
                                         - they do not HAVE to have baseball pants or cleats, they can play in                                           shorts, sweatpants and sneakers.
                                        - we will have helmets and there is usually bats in the dugout
    flag football - just come ready to play outside. Dress appropriately.